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The Search Engines and the Birth of SEO: A Gift for Your Business

The first search engine came
in 1990. A lot has changed since then. Let’s put light on the important facts
that have been changed in this entire 29 years. The first search engines did
not have much technology to avoid hacks, however also did not have billions of
sites to relate the searches.

After the emergence of the
search engine and its ranking algorithm, many websites started to fight for the
first place in their segments, so the SEO is born. After that the search engine
has emerged itself as the searching giant worldwide leaving every other
competitor behind – the digital evolution of last two decades and still

Speaking superficially these
are the three moments of SEO and its history with search engines.

Is Important For Everyone

The strategy of focusing on
the user experience brings benefits to everyone who is involved on the web.
Even if a brand worries about SEO only by interest in positioning, consequently
the technical and content quality of their pages will increase dramatically.
The reverse path gives the same, a person who is interested only in providing a
great site for their users consequently will have a good placement in search

And as you know, those who
hold the best places on the front page are always more likely to do business.
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the best SEO services.


With the growth in the use of
mobile devices, it has become very important to have a responsive or adapted
website. The way you navigate has changed, why would not the site change? In
any case, who benefits the most is the user, at the time of purchase or not.
Remember that everything you do outside your site makes you more of a web user
and you certainly value a good browsing experience.

Since last year, anyone who
does not care how their site appears on mobile devices is literally getting


The search engine has for some
time already taken into account SSL certification as a point relevant to the
positioning of a site. To complete the despair of those who do not have a
security certificate, Chrome marks those sites which do not have safe HTTPS.


When you search for something,
you do not want to know what has nothing to do with it. It’s as if you were
looking for a flight-free instructor and found air-conditioning installers. You
need consistency in the content you offer your audience, and the search engine will
know if you’re being consistent.

Even if you have 4G on your
phone, it can happen that a website takes a few seconds to open. The same
problem can happen on a desktop connected to a broadband.

How SEO analysis works for your SME?

SEO consulting is done in two
steps. First is the analysis on page which is the internal optimization. At
this point it is identified if the content is relevant and if it has some
criteria for good positioning. Some examples of what are analyzed are the tags,
source code, meta-tags, and keywords among others.

The second step verifies how
the external optimization of the site is being done, that is, how it interacts
with other pages. In this case, the number of links pointing to the site is
identified, if the links have relevant content and are consistent with the
segment. The placement of these sites is also verified.

The Importance

SEO consulting firms like LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO Company
an important job to identify which strategies are being used to rank a web
page. Analysis of internal links, structure of the website or blog, keywords,
source code, image-tags among other points are analyzed. From there it is used
the SEO techniques most appropriate to that case.

Content Quality: SEO
has direct link to content production, but that does not mean that quality
should be left out. It will not hurt to know all the tools and hire a
specialized SEO consultancy if the content is not quality. After all, who will
read your content other than people who want something that enrich them even more?

Number of Words:
Paying attention to how many words the text has is also an important tip to
position your website or blog. Ideally, all that is known about that topic is
written. If it has less than 300 words you have a very short text that becomes
almost empty. But if this margin is exceeded and the information brought in is
good, it is not necessary to cling to texts with enormous amounts of words.

Internal Links: This
is a point of great importance, because it shows search engines the most
relevant terms on the page.

Content Update: Sorting
cannot be done on a single content. That is why you need to make updates on the
website or blog. If you can do this daily even better, it shows the search
engines that the webpage is always bringing new information.

Quality Content: This
is good for any content that has been optimized for SEO. SEO consulting acts as
a mentor to help you improve your company’s digital marketing strategies. One
of the techniques used is search engine content. Learn more information below.
In the old days, when the internet was created, all you had to do was create a
website and put the content there, which was all right. But, nowadays, anyone
who wants to undertake online needs an SEO Consulting. Today’s online
entrepreneurship should present the client with visual and well written

Understanding the purpose of a visitor of a web site

visiting a site, the user strives to get the most useful information about the
topic he is interested in, so successful site design is not just high tech
programming and web design. The main source of information for the user is the
text content of the site. And it is the text materials that help to bring the
essence of your business to the consumer’s mind. To get best services you can
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with project texts traditionally takes place after web design and programming.
If you decide to fill in the content yourself, it is a long time. Nevertheless,
it should be noted that, regardless of the site’s targeted tasks, text content should
be quality, easy to read, and informative.

Optimal Text

the optimization of the structure and the informative nature of the project,
during the personal talks with the client, the goals for the placement of the
texts on each page of the site and the main ways of realization of the assigned
tasks are defined. It is supposed that any text, be it a bulky cycle of
articles or a short slogan, should be an effective marketing tool to reach the
main goals of the project.

Correction and
correction of text material

correction is not only done to remove grammatical and punctuation errors.
Correction of stylistics allows optimization of the text for the target
audience, taking care to increase at the same time it’s informative and
preservation of its artistic value

Editing the text to
adapt it to the needs and preferences of potential site visitors

on optimizing text content on the site are aimed at improving the overall on page
SEO site optimization. Here, in the text, with a certain density, you enter
your chosen keywords or word combinations. Text optimized in this way greatly
improves the visibility of the site by search engines.

addition to the text, the quality content is necessarily supplemented with
graphical elements that maximally illustrate the text material. Working with
graphics in the process of filling the site   this is
the selection of thematic photographs and the addition of different sections
with new images.

At the web site
design stage, it is not possible to provide all the nuances

filling the site with the text information in the main and internal sections
can be imported additional graphics components, to update photos or to change
the structure of the represented images. Simultaneous work with the text and
graphics of the site allows for a complex approach to the solution of the
simple problem   making a website harmoniously combining
creativity, information and efficiency.

Understanding the essential aspects of content on web site

No site can be
independent of the quality of the content and this is not raining on it. It is
essential to offer its users genuine and truthful contents, which attract
potential customers and keep them on the site. To understand what you like
best, just go and look at the contents of the site that have obtained the most
traffic, in order to understand the preferences of your target and work in that
direction. To get professional help you must always go for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Knowing these data, and
keeping these factors in mind, it is possible to answer important questions
always for the purpose of a possible redirection of the website  

  • Is there a difference between the data
    present and the past?
  • Are there pages that drop traffic? What
    are they?
  • What are the goals?
  • Is the site directed towards the type of
    user who actually visits it?

of website data alternative tools

Google Analytics can
make the difference if you know how to use it, but it’s not always enough. If
the site has particular problems in achieving its goals, in fact, it may be
necessary to take some extra measures. This does not necessarily mean
overdoing, just look at alternative tools for data analysis, such as the


It is possible to
obtain a graphical report of the pages, of the points of the site on which
users dwell more  by monitoring clicks
and cursor movements, it is possible to know where and how to intervene.

video and screenshots

It is like stopping to
stare at the screen over the user’s shoulder. It serves to understand where he
clicked and which pages of the site he visited.


If it is not enough to
look at the analysis data, you can always resort to the dear old, more classic
market research  take a group of users,
let them use the website, without any external influence, and then collect the
traffic data.

and it will be given to you

Data collection helps
to identify possible blind spots on the site and so on, but often it is enough
to just ask users directly it can be done through specific surveys, perhaps
during improvements to the site. Or you can still leave short questionnaires
that users will have to fill in, insert pop ups with call to action messages
that invite them to leave an opinion.

of being meticulous

In conclusion, since
knowing is power, it is always better to be too meticulous with the researches
to ignore them completely it can make the difference between a site that does
not visit anyone and a placement on the front page on Google. Market research
is therefore an excellent tool to rely on to create a successful website and
can avoid making you run into common mistakes for how to create a website,
which often refer to the target audience or the direction to be taken.