How does the GPS-navigator?

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GPS navigator is a device that picks up signals from the universal coordinate determination system. Its main goal is to determine the point where the object stays on the Earth by calculating data on the latitude, longitude, and altitude. On the map, it shows not only the receiver, but also objects located around it.

What is the GPS Navigator
To find out how the GPS navigator works, we suggest reviewing its hardware and software. The hardware is responsible for the electronic and mechanical details of the calculation. While the software part provides only information processing.

How does the GPS-navigator
The design operates on the principle of sending a request and receiving a response. The orientation worker’s stay is determined by the transmitted satellite signals. The signals contain an efimeris, an almanac, and a pseudo-random code.

Efimeris concludes data on the operational status of the satellite, the current time and place of stay.
The almanac contains information on where satellites should be located throughout the day.
Pseudo-random code calls the satellite number from 1 to 32, it is necessary in order to recognize the desired system among the rest.

When a GPS receiver receives information about efimeris and almanac, it uses it and saves it for future use. Time plays an important role in determining the location. The error of an atomic clock of one thousand seconds is threatened with erroneous counting within a radius of 250 km. The accuracy of the coordinator depends on the number of received signals, the location of the subject and the type of receiver.


1. Built-in chipset receives and sends satellite signals, and also determines the location.

2. Antenna. The item receives information from the satellite frequencies.

3. The display shows numeric and alphabetic data about the item.

4. BIOS firmware serves as a connecting circuit between the hardware and software parts.

5. Flash Drive saves user and operational data.

Software part:

1. API Access System – a series of work programs to which the operating system of the coordinator has access.

2. OS – most often, devices have an operating system based on existing operating systems (Windows, Android and others).

3. Com port (com port). Not many people know what it is, but its presence in the navigator is very important. With it, you can connect to other devices, as well as adjust the data transfer rate.

4. Software – a number of additional programs that equip the mechanism (Bluetooth, games, audio and video players)

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