The Search Engines and the Birth of SEO: A Gift for Your Business

The first search engine came in 1990. A lot has changed since then. Let’s put light on the important facts that have been changed in this entire 29 years. The first search engines did not have much technology to avoid hacks, however also did not have billions of sites to relate the searches.

After the emergence of the search engine and its ranking algorithm, many websites started to fight for the first place in their segments, so the SEO is born. After that the search engine has emerged itself as the searching giant worldwide leaving every other competitor behind – the digital evolution of last two decades and still counting.

Speaking superficially these are the three moments of SEO and its history with search engines.

SEO Is Important For Everyone

The strategy of focusing on the user experience brings benefits to everyone who is involved on the web. Even if a brand worries about SEO only by interest in positioning, consequently the technical and content quality of their pages will increase dramatically. The reverse path gives the same, a person who is interested only in providing a great site for their users consequently will have a good placement in search engines.

And as you know, those who hold the best places on the front page are always more likely to do business. You can contact LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO Company for the best SEO services.

Mobile Experience

With the growth in the use of mobile devices, it has become very important to have a responsive or adapted website. The way you navigate has changed, why would not the site change? In any case, who benefits the most is the user, at the time of purchase or not. Remember that everything you do outside your site makes you more of a web user and you certainly value a good browsing experience.

Since last year, anyone who does not care how their site appears on mobile devices is literally getting behind.


The search engine has for some time already taken into account SSL certification as a point relevant to the positioning of a site. To complete the despair of those who do not have a security certificate, Chrome marks those sites which do not have safe HTTPS.


When you search for something, you do not want to know what has nothing to do with it. It’s as if you were looking for a flight-free instructor and found air-conditioning installers. You need consistency in the content you offer your audience, and the search engine will know if you’re being consistent.

Even if you have 4G on your phone, it can happen that a website takes a few seconds to open. The same problem can happen on a desktop connected to a broadband.

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